Installing F7 on System with Hardware Raid

monty19@ monty19 at
Thu Jun 14 05:33:35 UTC 2007

I apologize for reposting this, I copied the wrong subject out of the 
Digest. Grrrr.

Jason wrote:

>> I noticed this as well, but forgot to look into it. I just did a 
>> google search and found/borrowed this:
>> If you are using a kernel >= 2.6.20, all /dev/hd*s will appear as 
>> /dev/sd*s. This is a result of Linux using the libATA drivers for 
>> PATA as well as SATA from now on.
>> from
>> It would be MUCH easier to help with your SCSI controller problems if 
>> you can do some research and identify it for us. Either pull the card 
>> and look for a model number, or if it came with the system do some 
>> research and see what model(s) of RAID controller were shipped with 
>> the system. If you can boot the system of an IDE drive and it's a PCI 
>> card try running lspci and see if you can identify it via that route. 
>> Without knowing more the answer could be several different things, 
>> and trying to think of and cover them all could be very tedious.
>> Jason

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