Installing F7 on 64-bit Dual Opeteron System w/Hardware Raid

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Thu Jun 14 15:01:43 UTC 2007

At 10:07 AM +0200 6/14/07, Giancarlo del Rossi wrote:
>RICHARD ha scritto:
>> I believe the raid are scsi (they usally show up as sda and sdb) and I
>> don't remember if it is integrated into the mb or a separate controller.
>> (I didn't set up the system and I think there are both but I don't know
>> which we ended up using.)
>> The system has 2gb of ram. I would be happy to dispense with the raid for
>> the moment and just get the system booting off of one of the two ide
>> drives.
>The ide disk use the block device /dev/hdX, and is very strange that
>your disk is recognized same a scsi device.
>Usb,sata,sas,scsi use the sdX block system

On F7, IDE disks use the libata driver and show as SCSI devices.
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