Terry Polzin foxec208 at wowway.com
Thu Jun 14 19:49:33 UTC 2007

On Thursday 14 June 2007 15:37:39 David Boles wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
> > I had to load a new FC6 on my laptop and when I brought it up the
> > Package Updater told me there was 277 Updates! I see they are many
> > of them just replacement RPM's of the whole thing. I used to hate
> > Windows for all their update packages :-)
> >
> > Karl
> Why does that surprise you? Fedora Core 6 has been out for 7, maybe 8
> months, I would have to look it up. Don't you think that progress has
> been made and bugs fixed in that much time?

There's always the respins of FC6 a Fedora  Unity.
They have come in handy for new installs a while after initial release.

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