announce: fedora 7 single dvd for i386 and x86_64 installs

Luciano Rocha strange at
Thu Jun 14 21:09:44 UTC 2007


I'd like to announce a DVD version of Fedora 7, for installing both i386
and x86_64 versions.

(If you received this message in duplicate, I apologize. I didn't find
it in the archives.)


0b224196dffd4cd34a74e933bad9d423fe803067  f7-i386-x86_64.iso

The install DVD was from the i386 and x86_64 DVD isos, with the
following changes:

Removed files from i386 iso:
 - images/boot.iso
 - images/diskboot.img
 - images/pxeboot
 - images/xen
 - isolinux (single version)

Removed files from x86_64 iso:
 - Fedora/*.x86_64.rpm
 - images/boot.iso
 - images/diskboot.img
 - images/pxeboot
 - images/xen
 - isolinux (single version)

Changed files in x86_64:
 - removed* from repodata/comps-f7.xml
 - updated repodata

Boot changes:
 - vmlinuz and initrd.img renamed to *.<arch_bits>:
   + vmlinuz.32 and initrd.32
   + vmlinuz.64 and initrd.64
 - original isolinux.cfg renamed to boot<arch_bits>.cfg, with vmlinuz and
   initrd calls corrected and menu entry for switching to the other arch:
   + boot32.cfg
   + boot64.cfg
 - new b32or64 comboot module, that executes arguments depending on long mode
   support in the processor (64bits or not), and made it the default boot
   + isolinux.cfg
   + b32or64.c32
 - changed loader in both initrds to a single 32 version with the following
   changes in isys/imount.c doPwMount():
   - after correct mount, if fstype iso9660, and
   - if <mount_point>/<arch>/.discinfo exists, and
   - if mount --bind <mount_point>/<arch> <tmpdir> succeeds, and
   - if umount <mount_point> succeeds, and
   - if mount --move <tmpdir> <mount_point> succeeds, then
     * ok
   - else (failed to move mount point)
     * return mount error

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