End user tool for DVD creation

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Thu Jun 14 21:43:48 UTC 2007

Two part problem here.

Part one - seven or more users running FC6 as desktop (happily). They 
have assorted short clips on installing parts, many shot on digital 
cameras, webcams, etc, in avi, wmv and mpg format. They need to turn 
these into DVDs to give to technicians.

Part two - these are **end users** just nicely weaned off that other 
O/S, solutions which include "create an XML file" are not appropriate. 
They need a tool to click on a clip, type in a one line title, and 
repeat, then click "burn" and get a result. Creation of 2nd level menus 
are useful but not required, some title at the top of the menu ditto, 
creation of SVCD or DivX on CD is nice (these are about 50MB in most 
cases). Simple is a total requirement, so lots of training is 
undesirable (not to mention we have no trainer who has a tool they use 
in Linux).

Any suggestions? Open Source is desirable from a political (not 
financial) standpoint.

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