Updates - evolution issue with your David's messages

David Boles dgboles at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 08:13:34 UTC 2007

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Tim wrote:
> David Boles:
>> Sniff... Sniff...    I think that I smell a troll....
> David, can you do me a favour, and reply to this but leave a blank space
> between the quoted text and your reply?  I'm seeing this strange issue
> where all the message text is not rendered, it looks like a blank
> message (just one blank line, not a blank space with invisible text),
> until there's a blank space in your message, then the rest is displayed.
> Most of them have just the signature separator and the PGP warning
> showing.
> At first I thought they were accidental postings, until I looked at the
> message source (the whole thing's there, without any obvious faults).
> And the whole thing is there if I press reply.  Yours are the only ones
> I've seen doing this.

Hmm..  That's odd. I always leave two blank lines both before and
after for an 'inline message reply'  and two lines after and 'end of
post' reply.  I have been scolded for doing that (it should only be
one line according to some)  but never for what you describe.

Does anyone else here see this problem? Is it me or Tim? If it is me I
will surely try to fix it ASAP.

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