(fedora) Re: Fedora vs OpenSuse

Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen joukj at hrem.nano.tudelft.nl
Fri Jun 15 11:15:23 UTC 2007

on 15 Jun 2007 09:45:51 +1000 David Timms <dtimms at iinet.net.au> wrote
>Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2007-06-13 at 10:22 +0200, Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen wrote:
>>>> The systems are mainly used to develop application and exchange
>>>> binaries with other groups outside the university : so I want to keep
>>>> my glibc in synch with the others. 
>>> I'd imagine that to be a main reason why to use one OS or another.  Do
>>> you know what the others are using?
>> Somewhere in between FC6 and F7. we agreed to use the last stable version of
>> Fedora as reference system. All systems are running F7 or will be upgraded
>> in the very near future.
>In terms of exchanging binaries - if you aren't already, you might like 
>to consider packaging your source code as rpm and exchanging src.rpm's. 
>Then the other users would need to perform a few steps ending with 
>rpmbuild --rebuild x.src.rpm
>The others would be able to review your source code; you may not want that.
Due to contracts with third parties at least part of the code is


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