Robin Laing Robin.Laing at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Fri Jun 15 15:44:11 UTC 2007

dexter wrote:
> On Thu June 14 2007 19:22:25 Karl Larsen wrote:
>>     I had to load a new FC6 on my laptop and when I brought it up the
>> Package Updater told me there was 277 Updates! I see they are many of
>> them just replacement RPM's of the whole thing. I used to hate Windows
>> for all their update packages :-)
>> Karl
> Next time download the fedora unity product they respin all the updates.
> ...dex

One of our IT people installed F7 and was shocked to see >500meg of 
updates.  Though as he said, the same for Ubuntu.

For a home user this is a pain but no different than a clean install of 
Windows.  Of course you don't have to worry about getting hacked or a 
virus until you get the updates done.

I will have to look at the Fedora Unity for my install at the end of the 
month.  :)

Due to the move to M$ Exchange Server,
    anything that is a priority, please phone.
Robin Laing

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