What is en_US ?

John John at johnsdesign.net
Fri Jun 15 19:03:18 UTC 2007

Tom Rivers wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
>>> Dialects in the UK and Ireland have all but disappeared.
>>> When I was young Geordies and Glaswegians were unintelligible.
>> They are alive and well (and unintelligible). As to the US English use
>> well in the UK proper it is considered a sign of poor education, lack of
>> intelligence and being socially disadvantaged to speak like an American
>> (unless you are one, in which case we'll feel sorry for you instead
>> providing you didn't vote for Bush). Thus it does matter hugely to the
>> point it determines influence, jobs and career paths
> Wow, now here's something new - someone slipping yet another "slam 
> America" post into a discussion on this list.  And look, it even has 
> one of those rare political statements about Bush.  How original.
> Please, let's stick to issues that aren't political in nature.  It's 
> getting harder and harder to find places where people have the common 
> decency to keep their political opinions to themselves and I would 
> hate to see this forum become polluted with more of this inappropriate 
> content.  Besides, it's just plain impolite; nobody likes to have 
> their country bashed by anyone much less someone who doesn't even live 
> there.
> Tom
 Pretty much.

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