FC7 and Thunderbird

Rogue roguexz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 12:12:43 UTC 2007

Tim and Alison Bentley wrote:
> I have installed FC7 over the top of FC6 with no problems apart from the
> upgrade to Thunderbird.
> I am now unable to click on a URL within a email and open Firefox.
> Under FC6 this worked fine but under FC7 all I get is a box with ERROR
> in the heading.
I would suggest see what values have been set for 
network.protocol-handler.app.http ... I have a default install and it 
points to /usr/lib/thunderbird.../open-browser.sh

Check if you have over-ridden this value in your settings. If you 
haven't overridden this setting then try the following from a terminal  
/usr/lib/thunderbird- google.com ..

hope that helps.

> I have tried to reinstall Thunderbird but this has not worked.
> Has anyone any ideas so I am able to use Thunderbird.
> Thanks
> Tim

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