Three Observations

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sat Jun 16 17:56:43 UTC 2007

            Three Things.

1. I have been a member of this busy Fedora list for 2 weeks and now I 
have moved lock stock and barrel from Fedora Core 4 to Fedora Core 6. I 
had planned to move to Fedora 7 but this list talked me out of doing 
that. And I have learned some really interesting things. I plan to stay 
and add what I can to the soup.

2. I got some really bad advice from this group. I was told to use the 
Firefox shipped by FD6 and yum Thunderbird from Fedora. These are 
supposed to be better somehow.This is not the case. They are the easiest 
to get. But I stuck to my old habits and went to the Mozilla web page 
first thing after getting this working and D/L the Version 2.0.4 of 
Firefox and Thunderbird. I have no problem with tar and now both 
versions are running in good shape and they have the history from Fedora 
Core 4 on them.It is very easy, just mount the FC4 on this computer and 
replace the new .thunderbird/ and .mozilla/  with the old ones from FC4. 
This takes 5 minutes.

3. The Alsa sound Mixer is not a finished product. It is nice as it's 
done by Gnome but it should be made so a user can turn it on and go 
about changing it to what they want and that should become the default 
settings. I use the sound card for sound and also as a Digital Signal 
Processor (DSP) engine. This lets me make some really fast written data 
transfer using gMFSK. Skype is also a fun way to talk over the Internet 
and it uses both an earphone and a Mike. These last to items are NOT 
Fedora products but they are made to run on Linux.

Karl Larsen

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