Fedora-7 rant #3: Sound

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
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Les wrote:

>     We welcome your comments, and I am sure that others will hear of the
> issues you describe.  But in reality this is an ALSA issue.  There are
> many many documents on line and in books about Linux.

But that is yet another issue deserving its own rant.  How many of those 
documents on line and books actually contain something that relates to 
what is delivered in the current fedora distribution, and how is a 
reader supposed to tell?

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   You are correct in your assertion.  How are we supposed to tell?  

How do we save the settings?  The sound settings.  They revert back to the original state.  
# alsactl store 

does not work.  Why do I ask?

I have added the lines that did it before to /etc/modprobe.conf before.  It does not work.  It is not specific to GNOME, as KDE also reverts the sound back.  

No one has answered my question.  This questions should help other users as well not only me.  Is it better to complain and get an answer?




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