Fedora-7 rant #3: Sound

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
> If Fedora is to have the slightest chance of success in the real world
> then it must ensure that simple things like sound and printing
> just work "out of the box".

Just for the sake of having another data point for comparison, why don't 
you try booting the Ubuntu distribution CD to see if the effort they 
claim to be putting into user friendliness has made any difference?  You 
should be able to see that part in the run-from-CD mode without having 
to install anything.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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He is not concerned for Ubuntu.  He wants for it to work in Fedora.  This is why he is asking/complaining/ranting on the fedora-list.  Comparisons will always exist and as you may know others already dual/triple boot with ubuntu on their drives so this will not be an issue.  He can go to the terminal and run alsamixer, configure the settings get out (pressing esc) and then try it again, till it works or he gets tired and gives up.  
If he makes it work, he will want to save his settings.  Currently this will be a hard thing to do and he will have to go back to alsamixer and configure everything again unless he can save his settings miraculously.



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