Error: Missing Dependency: xine-lib = 1.1.7 is needed by package xine-lib-extras-nonfree

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Sat Jun 16 21:56:29 UTC 2007

Claude Jones wrote:

With the safety precaution to release updates into testing, test them 
and push the updates into updates if no complaints, foreign repositories 
though intended for adding functionality to the Fedora repository, 
Fedora Testing is more likely to be in sync with repositories that add 
beneficial programs to the fold.

For conflicts, yum --skip-broken allows updates when problems arise.

There is room for better co-ordination between the repositories and they 
will remove the kinks. Pushing out the complaint may be helpful but 
endless circular discussions will not aid in the process much.

Adding to the circele,
Your best consolation is the hope that the things you failed to get weren't
really worth having.

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