Three Observations

Ian Malone ibmalone at
Sat Jun 16 22:34:04 UTC 2007

Richard England wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:

>> 2. I got some really bad advice from this group. I was told to use the 
>> Firefox shipped by FD6 and yum Thunderbird from Fedora. These are 
>> supposed to be better somehow.This is not the case. They are the 
>> easiest to get. But I stuck to my old habits and went to the Mozilla 
>> web page first thing after getting this working and D/L the Version 
>> 2.0.4 of Firefox and Thunderbird. I have no problem with tar and now 
>> both versions are running in good shape and they have the history from 
>> Fedora Core 4 on them.It is very easy, just mount the FC4 on this 
>> computer and replace the new .thunderbird/ and .mozilla/  with the old 
>> ones from FC4. This takes 5 minutes.
> I've been watching that thread and I saw no "bad" information.  I am 
> using the both FireFox and Thunderbird from Fedora from the FC6 release 
> and I have no issues. What was the nature of the information you deem 
> "bad".

Having put Fedora 7 on a laptop a couple of days ago I was pleasantly
surprised surprised by some of the ways the Fedora-provided FF and TB
work.  In particular:

1. TB dictionaries now install to the user's configuration directory
    allowing them to be installed without running TB as root (finally)
2. FF can install Flash by itself without any funniness.

In general things seem to be running more smoothly than in FC6.
though RealPlayer is worse but I don't have time to sort it
out this week.


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