Updates - evolution issue with your David's messages

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at greshko.com
Sat Jun 16 23:22:23 UTC 2007

David Boles wrote:

>>> So now I wonder where the problem really is. Is me or some of you? Or
>>> Evolution?
>> A bit of everything?  :-)
> You very could well be correct here.  ;-)
> BTW your key 0x56C206FA, which you signed this email with, won't verify
> from any of the keyservers that I have. I did find 0x50566D07 which
> expired on 8/31/2006 and several others though.
> Where did you post it? The new key.

It is quite possible that I'd forgotten to upload that key.  :-(

So, I just corrected that.

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