gMFSK and rpm packaging

David Timms dtimms at
Sun Jun 17 01:59:02 UTC 2007

Karl Larsen wrote:
>    Today I took a Tarball called gMFSK which was last checked out on Red 
> Hat 9, and with the help of many on this list I ./configure -- xxx  
> --xxxx and when that went clean I used "make" and that errored out 
> because I was missing a stupid thing I yummed from Fedora. Then as root 
> I make install and that worked. Right now it is using the sound card to 
> decode PSK-31 from my radio on 14.070 MHz. This was the fastest I ever 
> got this working on a new Linux version.
>    You can be sure when Hemmi wrote this software Fedora was not 
> invented. And be sure that F7 is Linux first and Fedora for applications 
> and such second. I need help with both Linux and Fedora Core 6 
> applications and I sure get them here :-)
Hi Karl,

Community members who hang out here much appreciate the positive vibe :)

Sounds like a cool piece of software. Have you had any experience in 
packaging software into an rpm ?
It isn't really that hard to do {but can be intimidating}, and it seems 
that there are already rpms for other distributions that could be used 
as a starting point.

What would you get out of it ?
In the future you or any fedora user would be able to:
yum install gMFSK and the software would "just work".

While I am willing to help, I don't have the hardware to test with, so 
you would need to be involved.


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