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Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Sun Jun 17 13:57:48 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-06-16 at 23:22 +0100, Steve Searle wrote:
> Around 11:11pm on Saturday, June 16, 2007 (UK time), Timothy Murphy scrawled:
> > Why does "yum remove foo" try to remove every package
> > using anything required by foo?
> > Surely the rational strategy would be to leave anything
> > required by another package?
> No.  You asked it to remove foo.  It is rational that it does as you
> requested.  It would be irrational to:
>  - not do as you asked, or
>  - leave behind broken packages because it removed foo
> Steve
What you say makes sense. What is annoying though is the following.
First you yum install foo and get some of its dependencies are
Second you do a yum remove foo and these same dependencies are not
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