How to use flash drive ?

Bob Goodwin - W2BOD bobgoodwin at
Sun Jun 17 15:30:25 UTC 2007

Per Qvindesland wrote:
> Hello Bob,
> Not sure what you mean with "use it as it" you don't have to format it
> or anything, can you access it from your desktop I.E it auto mounts it
> and places a icon of it on your deskop so you can access the flash drive
> from there?
> Regards
> Per
Yes it appears on the desk top and mounts but the fdisk data makes me 
assume that it may not work if I treat it as just another memory 
device?  I haven't tried writing anything to it and it appears to 
contain no files ...

>> Disk /dev/sdc1: 4127 MB, 4127178752 bytes
>> 127 heads, 62 sectors/track, 1023 cylinders
>> Units = cylinders of 7874 * 512 = 4031488 bytes
>> This doesn't look like a partition table
>> Probably you selected the wrong device.

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