How to use flash drive ?

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Sun Jun 17 17:28:08 UTC 2007

Bob Goodwin - W2BOD wrote:
> Of course it would be neat if I can save Linux configuration stuff to it
> in preparation for installing F7 on this box.  I will have to experiment
> further with it to develop some confidence in it.
For your personal configuration stuff, put it in a .tar or .zip
archive, and save the archive to the USB drive. That way, you can
restore them and have the same permissions. For daemon configuration
files, you should do it as root. For example, you could archive the
/etc/samba directory, and the /etc/httpd directories each in their
own archive.

> I guess the question then becomes should I re-format it to ext2 or some
> such or can I leave it as it is and have it available to my computer and
> the Windows and Mac computers around this house that I coexist with? 
> Anything that comes to me that is intended for MS Windows is suspect!
If you want to be able to transfer files to windows machines, you
are better off leaving it formatted as is. It will probably work
fine for your Linux uses as well. It is only if you need the extra
attributes of an ext3 file system that it is worth changing. What
you plan to use the drive for determines the file system to use.

It is possible to partition a flash drive to have more then one file
system on it. But if you go that route, it is better to partition it
on a Windows system, and format the FAT partition there as well.
Linux can use the Windows partitioning, but Windows may have
problems with the Linux partitioning. (Linux will accept the drive
geometry that Windows used, but Windows may not accept the geometry
that Linux uses on a clean drive.)


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