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Sun Jun 17 18:58:13 UTC 2007

Tim <ignored_mailbox at> wrote:

> On Sun, 2007-06-17 at 08:13 -0600, David G. Miller wrote:
>> > Ah yes, the info/man conundrum.  Man has the nice interface but the
>> > man page doesn't have the information.  The info-text file has the 
>> > information but info has the world's worst interface.  Have mercy and 
>> > recommend using pinfo instead of info. 
> To be honest, I couldn't really see pinfo offering me anything better
> (both seemed awful), other than colour highlighting of the interactive
> bits (which, otherwise, you have to find by a bit of guesswork).
> You still have a painful hop, skip, and a jump, method of traversing a
> document.  And they don't seem to understand the concept of going
> backwards means going to back to the prior screen, not the top of the
> page of the prior bit you were reading.  Grrr, read page, jump to
> another page, go back, scroll back down the first page to where you were
> up to, carry on reading and following links.
> "yelp info:grub" was far less painful to navigate, though it's a GUI
> tool (rather like using a web page with frames - navigational links in a
> border, the content in the adjacent page).
For me, info's navigation is kind of like using vi back in the day when 
you used h, j, k, and l to move the cursor around which meant you 
couldn't move the cursor in insert mode and pretty much everything else 
was just as counterintuitive.  At least the emacs key bindings have some 
mnemonic value.  pinfo is more like vim.  The arrow keys, page up, page 
down, etc. work so the navigation is, by comparison, fairly intuitive.  
pinfo may not do exactly what you want but at least the navigation makes 

I try to keep alternate application recommendations within an 
application class so curses based pinfo still runs in a dumb terminal 
just like man and info.  Once you jump to a GUI presentation, you may as 
well just Google for "grub howto" or whatever you need.


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