OT: Windoze can't find disk

Geoffrey Leach geoff at hughes.net
Sun Jun 17 21:38:33 UTC 2007


I ask this because the system in question is dual-boot FC6, and hence 
there might be someone who's experienced the same problem.

Otherwise, please accept my apologies.

A fully functional dual-boot FC6/Windoze XP system had its MB replaced. 
On being returned (and the disk reinstalled) it booted FC6 just fine, 
but XP could not find the disk. Not that it just would not boot, but 
that under no circumstances (CD boot, ASR boot, normal boot) could XP 
find the disk. The disk partitions are: 1 - NTSF, 2 - /boot, 3 - /.
Any suggestions as to what might be missing? FWIW, the disk is SATA, 
and, yes, the driver disk was provided at the appropriate time.


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