Package managers gone haywire! yum, apt, rpm: pam is totally borked

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Mon Jun 18 02:39:58 UTC 2007

Been fighting this for a couple of days now. Yum based package managers 
started failing with strange errors sometime yesterday. Smart, Yumex, yum, 
synaptic and even rpm -- sometimes, the GUI based managers just get stuck in 
some routine -- there's no error, no log message, nothing, nada -- I can't 
kill the process, the window just sits there in mid-update with an endlessly 
spinning hourglass. From the command line, I sometimes get strange msgs 
about 'problems with gpg keys followed by failure on import'; sometimes, it 
just segfaults with no error. There were 22 updates in the queue yesterday, 
and I've managed by various trial and error methods to get them all installed 
except for pam and pam-devel  ---  there's one more thing, perhaps totally 
unrelated, but I kept getting messages "usr/lib/; 
46620a2f is truncated" I tried remove/replace on freetype but it wanted to 
remove about 6000 packages; I was able to download the rpm and use rpm force 
to reinstall it, but I just got that message again

so pam and pam-devel seem to be turned sideways in the birth canal - they just 
segfault no matter how I try to install/update, and

 libtypefree is having growing pains

anybody see any pattern in this? I have been googling this a lot but haven't 
the magic bullet
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD

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