[Fedora] tons of spam

David G. Miller dave at davenjudy.org
Mon Jun 18 03:08:07 UTC 2007

George wrote:
> > If redhat can't control things better than this on their lists, I'm 
> > not sure I want to use fedora.
All it takes is posting with your e-mail address.  The spammers use web 
crawlers that look for anything that looks like an e-mail address.  
Anything that gets posted to fedora-list ends up on a number of web 
sites that publish the content plus the list archive.  Once your e-mail 
address is published you will get spam. 

As an example, I'll let you know when vida at davenjudy.org first gets 
spam.  My guess is it will be within a day or two.  (Vida is our dog.  I 
haven't used her name for this particular experiment before.)

BTW, you might want to look into setting up spamassassin to filter your 
e-mail.  Rather than complaining about spam, do something about it.


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