How to change user / group numbers in passwd/group?

Eric spamsink at
Mon Jun 18 03:38:33 UTC 2007

At 07:22 PM 6/17/2007, Tony Nelson wrote:

 >> File a bug against those packages.  They should use IDs in the system 

Good evening, Tony.

Done.  I see that there has already been a bug filed against tclhttpd.  I 
filed one against dbmail.

Turns out that there weren't many files owned by those two "users".  I 
uninstalled dbmail which took the dbmail user away with it, then I 
uninstalled tclhttpd which DIDN'T take the tclhttpd user away, so I had to 
"userdel" that.  Then the "find" commands as you listed showed a few files 
and directories, mostly in /var/spool/mail, that I removed.

All seems OK now ... so far ... :-)

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