tons of spam

Peter Connolly psconnolly at
Mon Jun 18 05:08:53 UTC 2007

Sign up for a GMail account. Use that for your mail lists.  They have
great spam filters.  And if you're using GMail for your mail lists,
you will never have to set those annoying auto-reply messages when
you're on vacation that will drive the rest of us nuts.


On 6/17/07, George <gasjr4wd at> wrote:
> wow guys,
> I've been signed up for this list for about a week and I've noticed a
> ton of spam coming in now. I guess I should have used a different
> address than my main one... I could stand the traffic, (and this is a
> high traffic list!) but all the spam, no way.
> If redhat can't control things better than this on their lists, I'm
> not sure I want to use fedora.
> thanks,
> G.
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