Does bug-buddy save the error logs of an application crash on the local system?

Rogue roguexz at
Mon Jun 18 05:39:28 UTC 2007

Jim Cornette wrote:
> Rogue wrote:
>> Hi Jim,
>> Jim Cornette wrote:
>>> Rogue wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> There have been a few issues with gnome-volume-control applet. 
>>>> Everytime there is a crash, bug buddy comes up and after I have 
>>>> reviewed the data, when I click on submit, it fails to submit the 
>>>> bug, stating that there is no component available in Bugzilla. I 
>>>> have filed bug 244526[1] for this issue. Now I would like to submit 
>>>> a bug against this component manually, but in order to do so i need 
>>>> the exact crash details.
>>>> So does bug buddy store the crash details in some location on the 
>>>> hard-drive?
>>>> thanks,
>>>> Rogue
>>>> 1 -
>>> Bug buddy should allow you to save to file also. The important thing 
>>> is to look in the data and see what program is called and enable the 
>>> debuginfo repository and install the debuginfo packages from that 
>>> repo. This will give the developers more information from the dump 
>>> file generated during the crash. T hat information is not available 
>>> from
>>> If this bug is filed upstream by bug-buddy, can you change the 
>>> component to which it thought it was assigned to?
>> The thing is that bug-buddy was working fine for all other 
>> components, so it is kind of hard to reproduce the crash and I didn't 
>> save the info to a file either, but the next time it happens I shall 
>> save the text and file a bug against this on Fedora bugzilla and then 
>> we could associate it to a base bug upstream. 
> One time crashes have happened to me on several occasions. I narrowed 
> down the times to be in sync with upgrading gnome packages. Several of 
> my reports were closed due to not being able to replicate the failures.
> I am now installing the devel packages for
>> gnome-media and later shall try and reproduce the crash. Once have 
>> the crash info I shall update the bug.
> Th packages that seem to help out the developer most are the stripped 
> debugging codes which the debuginfo packages add in a separate 
> package. The debuginfo package repos are not enabled by default. An 
> example is
> [updates-debuginfo] located in the fedora-updates.repo file. I usually 
> enable the repo when I need the packages installed. Others seem to 
> enable the repos with the enablerepo command and the name of the repo. 
> I find editing the file and changing the zero to the one is easier to 
> add, update and remove the debuginfo packages after the problem is fixed.
> Jim
And I finally managed to recreate the crash and this time around I have 
all the info :-) Filed and updated the following bugs:

1. Gnome volume control applet crashes ....
2. Bug buddy unable to locate the appropriate compoent ...


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