NFS: permission denied. Help?

David G. Miller dave at
Mon Jun 18 06:02:43 UTC 2007

Gilboa Davara <gilboad at> wrote:

> Hey Gilboa -
> > 
> > Just the usual advice of turn off the firewall and put SELinux into 
> > permissive mode on the workstation long enough to see if you can then do 
> > the mount.  Also, what version of CentOS is your server running and what 
> > version of NFS are we talking about?  Lastly, when were you last able to 
> > mount a share on your workstation from the server?  It sounds like this 
> > isn't how you normally run your network.
> To reduce the noise I'm trying to mount the NFS partitions on the
> workstation itself. (With both iptables and selinux disabled)
> No go.
> $ rpm -qa | grep nfs-utils
> nfs-utils-1.0.10-12.fc6.x86_64
> nfs-utils-lib-1.0.8-7.2.x86_64
>> > I just had printing stop working from my wife's Windoze box to my Samba 
>> > server because an update had overwritten /etc/cups/mime.types.  She 
>> > doesn't print that much so no idea how long ago it was when the change 
>> > occurred. 
>> > 
> As far as I could see, NFS was updated close to a month ago.
> However, the machine got rebooted two days ago (Which restarted the NFS
> daemon) - which in-turn broke the NFS configuration.
> - Gilboa
Next question: anything odd about the mount point you're trying to 
export and mount?  NFS can give an inscrutable error like "EACCESS" if 
you try to export and mount a directory that includes another mounted 
share.  I tried to NFS export a loopback mounted ISO image a while back 
(ISO on one box but wanted to work with it on another box and didn't 
want to make a copy).  NFS said "No."

Other than the above, I'm kind of mystified.  Sorry.


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