tons of spam

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Mon Jun 18 12:46:35 UTC 2007

jdow wrote:
> Chu - directing that at greshko might have been more appropriate.
> "Ed" was most impolite for no good reason. "Scroom and the horse
> he rode in on," would be a suitable reply for Ed's behavior.

I'm not sure about "no good reason".  Somebody signs up for a mailing list
with their "normal" email address and it gets harvested and they get more
spam and then say the distribution is flawed based on that.....well it just
gets my goat.  The induhvidual blames everyone except themselves.

Let's not get into a tit for tat on "behavior" shall we.  I can surely point
out times where others "behavior" went over my line....or is it over your
line....or is it over some imaginary line....

The simple point I suppose I should have made put your email
address on a public list and you expose yourself to spam.  Should the email
list be responsible to protect you from your folly?  I think not.

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