tons of spam

Karl Larsen k5di at
Mon Jun 18 12:50:33 UTC 2007

Ed Greshko wrote:
> jdow wrote:
>> Before you get abusive like this Ed, it'd be wise to check if he has
>> actually
>> used the address to send an email to a Fedora list. He has not, within
>> the last
>> month and a half, sent any to any Fedora list to which I am subscribed.
>> If he
>> has NEVER sent a message with the gasjr4wd username before then he
>> might have a case. It does not look like a random ID, so I suspect he has
>> used it before elsewhere and the spam usage is coincidental.
> Well, if you consider it abusive I will take it under advisement.
> Yet, I just can't reconcile how one can attribute an increase in spam to the
> relative worth of a Linux distribution.
> Be that as it may, I always use my real email address in all of lists I'm
> subscribed to.  Yet, the spam that reaches my inbox is very, very small
> since I know what measures to take.  Yes, I overestimate the power of others
> on this list.
> Thanks,
> Ed
    This is much ado about nothing. I joined the list about the same 
time and if anything, the amount of spam I receive has got smaller. 
There is no way this list can control how much spam you get. Period.


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