Cisco's VPN client in Fedora 7?

Christopher A. Williams chrisw at
Mon Jun 18 13:42:54 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-06-18 at 13:45 +0200, Alessandro Brezzi wrote:
> Hi Fred,
> 2007/6/18, fredex <fredex at>: 
>         I use vpnc and it works fine for me. (though I'm not using F7)
>         I like it better than Cisco's client because (among other
>         reasons) 
>         it doesn't insert a kernel module that needs to be recompiled
>         for
>         every new kernel.
> Please, can you share some detail on how to configure the vpnc client
> for a CISCO router? I'm interested, because I've failed in
> implementing vpnc and I reverted back to the CISCO client + patch with
> some security problem (only root can open the connection)

Indeed! I would use the vpnc client much more if it supported IP
tunneling for Cisco VPN connectivity. Unfortunately, it doesn't and I
have no idea about when or if it ever might. My employer uses IP
tunneling for their VPN setup.

My only potential solace is that I'm changing jobs. My last day with my
current employer is Friday and I start my new role on Monday. Hopefully
my new employer has more up to date VPN capability.

I just installed a new Cisco ASA5505 firewall at my church and am
setting up the VPN server features for it later this week. I would like
to support vpnc as a client for it, but am unsure of exactly how to do
that yet. This is my first firewall/VPN server setup and I seem to have
a lot more to learn about the ASA5505.

Pointers on that are also appreciated.



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