tons of spam

Mike Wright xktnniuymlla at
Mon Jun 18 16:38:35 UTC 2007

George wrote:
> wow guys,
> I've been signed up for this list for about a week and I've noticed a  
> ton of spam coming in now. I guess I should have used a different  
> address than my main one... I could stand the traffic, (and this is a  
> high traffic list!) but all the spam, no way.

Good morning, George,

Looks like Monday arrived right on time for everybody ;)

A technique I use is to subscribe to the list twice, once using an 
address specifically for the list, and a second one using 
(they provide throw-aways for free).  Disable delivery to the mailinator 
address and only use it to post to the list.  Never send an email from 
the first address.  This way one address receives list mail and the 
other sends it.  The two should never cross and your delivery address 
remains private.

Hope the rest of your week is less eventful.


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