Fedora 7 freezes two or three times per day

Rogue roguexz at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 17:39:30 UTC 2007

Philip Walden wrote:
> Charles Curley wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 12:37:05AM +1000, Langdon Stevenson wrote:
>>> My Fedora 7 system is running well, except for the nasty habit of 
>>> freezing two or three times per day when I am working.  First: all 
>>> windows stop responding to the mouse and key board, then soon after, 
>>> the mouse freezes as well.
>> Have you successfully run other Linux disties on this hardware? Try,
>> e.g. Ubunutu 7.04, from a live CD.
>> A few more things to try....
>> Try using different applications. Use Konqueror instead of Firefox,
>> etc.
>> Run memtest86 overnight. If that locks up, you probably have a
>> motherboard or RAM problem.
>> Set up an SSH log-in for the system, and have that running. Then when
>> the display locks up, if the system is still active, it's probably a
>> video driver issue. top, ps, /var/log/messages and other tools may
>> give you some hints. Then, can you gracefully shut X down?
>> From what I see here, I think filing a bug is premature. You don't yet
>> know the component to file against, and without a definite cause a bug
>> report is not very useful.
> I am experiencing the same problem on my old but trusty HP OB6000 
> laptop, P3 600MHz
> - This platform has previously run FC4, 5 and 6 with no problems.
> - This FC7 was a full install, not an upgrade.
> - I have turned on full kernel logging and no event is recorded. It 
> just stops, cursor freezes.
>  Hard power reset required.
> - Seems to be associated with updates. In other words, either a little 
> after or during
>  an update session, the system just freezes up. It seems that whenever 
> I refrain from
>  updating, I do not have a problem.
> Philip
Same here. I have seen my FC freeze when I have multiple applications 
open. One of the things that I noticed though, it froze only when the 
system was idle .. such as when I would be working on something else. i 
see that the screen is blank and then I move the mouse, the next thing I 
know is that the system is frozen, i can move only the mouse and I need 
to do a hard reboot to bring back the system.

And I have never had these issue with FC 4,5,6

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