Removable Media not automounted as user

kwhiskerz kwhiskerz at
Mon Jun 18 18:10:21 UTC 2007

I used to use Fedora 6 and switched to Rawhide a few months ago, where 
mounting of removable media functioned as it should.

I now use Fedora 7 and notice that when I plug the digital camera (mass 
storage device) in or an external hard drive via USB, the hal system detects 
the device and correctly puts an icon on my desktop.

When I click on the icon, konqueror opens and in the location bar is 
media:/sdc5, which is correct, but, instead of mounting the device and 
showing me the contents of the directory, I am given the error message:"not 
in active session".

When I log in as root, however, it all works exactly as it should: the drive 
is mounted and the directory contents are shown in konqueror.

Curiously, I am shown as the owner of the USB hard drive, but only root can 
mount it, but root is shown as the owner of the mass storage camera, and I am 
unable to make me its owner (not that that would help, as seen by the result 
of mounting the USB hard drive).

The camera, unfortunately, only formats its drive as vfat, while I have the 
external USB hard drive formatted as ext3. This appears to explain why I am 
not allowed to change the ownership of the camera's storage, while I have 
been able to make myself the owner of the hard drive.

Also, I have noticed that the owner of CD/DVD drives is 'me.disk', but the 
ownership of removable hard drives is 'root.root'. It should be 'user.disk' 
like the others, because they are used exactly like CD/DVDs are.

Is this an selinux (I have it enabled and enforcing), a hal or a udev problem? 
How can it be solved so that a regular user can simply click on the icon that 
appears on the desktop and have the drive mount like it is supposed to?

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