Removable Media not automounted as user

Reid Rivenburgh reidr at
Mon Jun 18 20:29:52 UTC 2007

kwhiskerz wrote:
> I used to use Fedora 6 and switched to Rawhide a few months ago, where 
> mounting of removable media functioned as it should.
> I now use Fedora 7 and notice that when I plug the digital camera (mass 
> storage device) in or an external hard drive via USB, the hal system detects 
> the device and correctly puts an icon on my desktop.
> When I click on the icon, konqueror opens and in the location bar is 
> media:/sdc5, which is correct, but, instead of mounting the device and 
> showing me the contents of the directory, I am given the error message:"not 
> in active session".
> When I log in as root, however, it all works exactly as it should: the drive 
> is mounted and the directory contents are shown in konqueror.
> Curiously, I am shown as the owner of the USB hard drive, but only root can 
> mount it, but root is shown as the owner of the mass storage camera, and I am 
> unable to make me its owner (not that that would help, as seen by the result 
> of mounting the USB hard drive).
> The camera, unfortunately, only formats its drive as vfat, while I have the 
> external USB hard drive formatted as ext3. This appears to explain why I am 
> not allowed to change the ownership of the camera's storage, while I have 
> been able to make myself the owner of the hard drive.
> Also, I have noticed that the owner of CD/DVD drives is 'me.disk', but the 
> ownership of removable hard drives is 'root.root'. It should be 'user.disk' 
> like the others, because they are used exactly like CD/DVDs are.

I seem to be having a very similar problem, though with a firewire 
external hard drive.  In FC6 running KDE, when I plugged it in, it 
offered to open the drive in konqueror as a regular user.  Now with F-7, 
I get the same message you do.  I can manually mount the drive as root, 
so I suspect it's the same issue, though I don't know how to fix it.


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