Movies on FC6 and maybe F7

Karl Larsen k5di at
Mon Jun 18 21:09:18 UTC 2007

    Just to make sure my memory is not flawed I logged into my Fedora 
Core 4 on another partition. I used the following applications to view 
and listen to "The Honeymooners" on DVD:

Totem Movie Player
Xine Media Player

These are all in Applications->Sound and Video both in FC4 and FC6.

    All the applications in FC4 worked fine. All the applications in FC6 
do not work at all period.

    Is it not possible to run the FC4 applications on FC6 and F7? Why 
will this not work? Is there a way to yum the FC4 applications into FC6 
and F7?

Karl Larsen K5DI

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