fc6 boot parameters question

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Mon Jun 18 21:31:20 UTC 2007

I'm going to attempt an install on a dell dimension from 1999 vintage. 
Earlier on this machine an 120GB ide hard drive was made available running 
in a drive sled for the purpose.  Media check passed on all CD's so I hav 
no question about CD integrity for the set.  When the install was tried 
earlier a complaint about the media being corrupt when it tried to install 
its first package on the hard drive happened and I hit retry and was asked 
to insert disk - 99.  Having done web research I've stumbled on the 
following list of boot parameters and would be interested to know if any 
of these may help an installation work.  The last fedora that did install 
without these problems was FC3 if that's any clue.  The list is as 
follows: all-generic-ide, nodma, nofb, apm=off acpi=off. This time when I 
try the install I'll check out I think ttyS4 and find out what comes up on 
that screen when the install breaks.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find 
something useful.

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