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Jim Cornette wrote:
> Ted Gladieux wrote:
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>> I have upgraded two machines from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora 7.  By upgrade
>>  I do not mean that I used the upgrade function in anaconda.  I
>> repartitioned the hard drive and did a complete install.
>> In Fedora Core 5 (and previous Fedora releases) was used to seeing the
>> various shutdown activities displayed on the console as the machine
>> shuts down.  Ending with the "Power down" statement just before the
>> machine turns itself off.  There are circumstances when it is very
>> helpful to see this, like when the machine is taking longer than you
>> expect to shutdown and you want to know why.
>> For one of the two machines I just upgraded this still works.  But, for
>> the other it does not.  On the non-working machine, the screen simply
>> goes black and stays black until the machine shuts itself off.  In
>> Fedora Core 5, this machine displayed all of the shutdown activity, just
>> like the other one still does, until the machine shuts itself off.
>> My question is, is there a configuration file somewhere that controls
>> this behavior?
>> Did that file somehow get different content on the two machines?
>> If not a configuration file, what else might explain this strange
>> behavior?
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>> Ted
> You can either press a key to show the messages during shutdown or
> remove the quiet parameter from grub.conf file.
> You do have the shutdown choices from the menu, right?
> Jim


No quiet parameter in grub.conf.  I do get the shutdown menu with the
options of Hibernate, Restart, Cancel, or Shut Down.  Clicking on either
  Restart or Shut Down causes the screen to go black.  Pressing keys on
the keyboard does NOT change the black screen in any way.

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