FC6 and updates

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Mon Jun 18 22:19:37 UTC 2007

    It is clear all the updates were not positive. They caused problems 
which I thought were fixed. But I can use both the alsa and the other 
mixer listed and turn the dam mike on. That seems to be a real bug in 
this part.

    So my Skype is working again. Thunderbird looks better. The looks of 
Thunderbird was really changed by the new/bad kernel. I will get the 
numbers of the kernels, original and newer/bad.

    Much of the rest looks good. I seem to recall that there was a 
couple of lib files I needed to get FC4 to show movies but it was 2-3 
years ago. I still do not understand why Windows XP can show copyright 
DVD and Linux can't. I payed good money for the DVD's.

    Anyone who recalls where you must go to get the tarballs of the 
stuff to make movies work please pass it along.

    I have 3 more updates my popup explains. With timmidy I will get 
tham down and see what else breaks :-)


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