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Chris 'Chipper' Chiapusio chipper at
Tue Jun 19 02:10:43 UTC 2007

On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 12:46:26AM -0400, George wrote:
>>You are joking right?
>>You use your main email address on an open public list and then you  
>>Red Hat / Fedora for the increase in the spam reaching your system?
>>Take a walk to the bathroom and have a look in the mirror.  You  
>>will then
>>see who is at fault.
>>Based on what you said, I'm not sure I want you using Fedora or any  
>>of Linux.  I feel you'd be better served using a Microsoft product.
>Hey Ed,
>	First, I don't use MS for much, one out of 15 'puters we have are  
>MS. All others are apple OSX (main boxes), apple os9, opensuse 10.*,  
>freenas, and a few other Linux flavors along with a few bsd test boxes.
>(like, my email domain didn't tell you?!)
>I've been on many, many other lists and the host company keeps the  
>addresses hidden. Why can't redhat do the same?
>Go to the suse or apple archives (or other linux flavors) and you  
>can't see email addresses, so no email addresses get harvested.
>I'm one at least 8 other lists, this list is the most... open(?), by  
>far. But on my part, my bad. I shouldn't have assumed...
>As for your attitude, Yes, it was a bad idea to use a normal address  
>for a list that has such an ass like you on it.
>What is wrong, can't you figure out how to make simple html links  
>correctly in your own website?
>... never mind, forget it.

Mailman does obfusicate email addresses in its automatic archives:

however any number of subscribers can host a web archive using any ancient
mailing list to web generator (uh, hypermail? Eek!)  It was unfair of you to
blame redhat without first checking thier archives.


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