Any progress on installing FC7 on a SATA system?

David Timms dtimms at
Tue Jun 19 10:14:00 UTC 2007

Etanisla Lopez-Ortiz wrote:
> What I have:
> home-brew with 1 SATA hard drive and 1 SATA optical drive
> What I don't have:
> FC7 installed
> (even after trying "linux askmethod all-ide-generic nodmraid")
> It is my (flawed) understanding that the sata driver that FC7 uses on 
> install doesn't play nice with systems with multiple SATA devices, or on 
> systems with SATA/PATA devices. The last I read, was to install FC7 off 
> a large (4G+) usb drive, a network install, an iso mounted on a FAT32 
> partition,
The iso doesn't have to be on fat32, nor even mounted {from memory} for 
a "hard drive" install. You do need to have a partition large enough to 
fit the iso that you aren't going to format during the install / 
upgrade. I'm guessing with sata, your system is reasonably modern, and 
has enough ram ?

> or onto the hard drive while connected to another computer 
> and then placing the drive back in the original computer and praying it 
> all works well.
> None of those options are available to me. Google keeps pointing me back 
> to the same Fedora Forum posts of which I have already summarized above.
> Should I stick with my working FC6, or are there possibilities I haven't 
> run across yet?
Have you been trying to upgrade or install fresh ?
Can you post from FC6, and then form F7 rescue if it will work, the 
fdisk -l info ?
Or a smolt id if you have/would like to make one.

Also the output of lspci would be helpful to find out what chipsets your 
motherboard uses.


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