problem with upgrade

Chris Jones jonesc at
Tue Jun 19 13:28:00 UTC 2007

> Uninstalling various bits and reinstalling them doesn't seem to sort it 
> it appears that faad2 is built against an older ffmpeg-libs 
> than's in the current FC6

What repos are you using ?

I saw something just like this with ffmpeg when trying to run with livna 
and atrpms at the same time, on my last FC6 box. There are 
incompatibilities between these two repos which mean, in practise, its 
not a good idea to run with both fully activated.

I currently am using both, but have yum priorities installed and have 
given atrpms a lower priority than livna, which means livna is always 
preferred over atrpms, even if atrpms has a newer version...


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