Fedora 7: mplayer plugin does not work with firefox (2.0.0 ?).

Rob spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 19 14:08:18 UTC 2007


I still have previous Fedora Core 6 installed on one harddisk.
Here the mplayer plugin (version 3.35-1 from freshrpms) works
great with Firefox (version

I bought a new harddisk and freshly installed Fedora 7.
I 'yummed' all necessary software for Firefox and Mplayer (plugin).
However, whatever I try, the plugin does not work.

The plugin starts (it says something like "downloading the file".
But when that is done, is displays just "Stopped" in the grey window
area that should display the movie picture.

Now, Fedora 7 comes with Firefox 2.0.0, and I wonder whether this
new 2.0 version somehow breaks the functioning of the mplayer plugin.
Could that be?

Or is there another trick needed, in order to get the plugin work with
Fedora 7 ?

Meanwhile, I keep using my old harddisk with Fedora Core 6; but I
easily can switch to Fedora 7, by connecting the other harddisk after
a shutdown, for testing Fedora 7 purposes.

Thank you.

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