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jdow jdow at
Tue Jun 19 14:23:08 UTC 2007

From: "Aaron Konstam" <akonstam at>

> On Mon, 2007-06-18 at 20:46 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> jdow wrote:
>> > Chu - directing that at greshko might have been more appropriate.
>> > "Ed" was most impolite for no good reason. "Scroom and the horse
>> > he rode in on," would be a suitable reply for Ed's behavior.
>> I'm not sure about "no good reason".  Somebody signs up for a mailing 
>> list
>> with their "normal" email address and it gets harvested and they get more
>> spam and then say the distribution is flawed based on that.....well it 
>> just
>> gets my goat.  The induhvidual blames everyone except themselves.
>> Let's not get into a tit for tat on "behavior" shall we.  I can surely 
>> point
>> out times where others "behavior" went over my line....or is it over your
>> line....or is it over some imaginary line....
>> The simple point I suppose I should have made put your email
>> address on a public list and you expose yourself to spam.  Should the 
>> email
>> list be responsible to protect you from your folly?  I think not.
> Just when were you appointed Fedora's "Defender and Chief"?

It seems that if you sign up with this list you also sign up for some
verbal abuse. Reserve that for people who should know better, like
folks who sign messages as a system administrator at a well known large
engineering college, and then whine about trying to un subscribe. A
little creative fun at the expense of such a bozo coupled with practical
advice is permissible when the problem is this egregious. The original
complainer needed some gentle education not the abuse you heaped upon
him. Besides, you are trying to usurp my reputation for being abusive
here. That's not allowed.


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