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Tue Jun 19 15:03:04 UTC 2007

From: "Mike Chambers" <mike at>

> On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 08:44 -0500, Aaron Konstam wrote:
>> O
>> Well because for some reason which I have asked people to explain why 
>> evolution uses spamd to remove
>>  spam but it works very poorly.
>> If someone is willing to explain how to make it work well I am anxious
>> to learn.
> The next evo version (currently in rawhide and working very well so far
> might I add) has the option to use bogofilter instead.  Works quite a
> lot faster than spamassassin (just have to watch things closely
> initially).  You can also set your junk folder to empty at various
> times/days, depending on how you select.  And it doesn't drag in a bunch
> of dependencies, cept maybe evolution-bogofilter, in which you need
> anyway.
> evolution-bogofilter-0.2.0-5.fc7
> evolution-data-server-1.11.3-2.fc8
> evolution-2.11.3-5.fc8
> (I think there is a newer version in rawhide today, waiting for my
> server to sync up to update to it).  (My system is FC7, just with evo
> and maybe another are rawhide'ish, so it all works together nicely so
> far).
> Have fun if you decide to try it.

I've never felt a need to try BogoFilter so I can't say how good or bad
it is. I have idiosyncratic methods of training SpamAssassin that have
worked very well over the years. I run about 1 ham a day mis-identified
this last few weeks. (I intentionally run rather "tight" and simply scan
the spam folder sorted by score to find low scores that need training
and ham that was missed. The usual hits are aol accounts, email accounts
that include advertising with the email, and LKML posts from yahoo.) I
manage to have fewer than one spam a week get through - more like one a
month of late. The spam count reaching my mailbox is way down. I've been
seeing only 80 to 100 per day rather than the 250 to 300 I was seeing
within the last year. (I think I complained to "the right spammer who
is trying to seem legitimate." I mentioned him on the SA list and he
took offense. But mysteriously that more or less coincides with a massive
long term drop in spam reaching my machine. There might be other reasons,
though, so I shan't name names.)

How well does BogoFilter do for false alarms and missed spam? (I am
running about 1000 emails a day, mostly these lists, LKML, and FreeBSD
list. The latter has a reputation for brutality that pales in comparison
to this list, too. {^_-} And were it not for a couple IPTables tricks I
would probably be using FreeBSD for my firewall/mailserver machine. They
have some good ideas worth emulating in Linux distros.)


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