Alsa Mixer Madness

Karl Larsen k5di at
Tue Jun 19 15:11:18 UTC 2007

    I got an email from Mr. Cox who suggested I find the proper rpm file 
on my DVD and install that over the bad update version which is Volume 
Control 2.16.1 and so I looked and found the package 
gnome-volume-manager-2.15.0-2.fc6 and put it on my desktop. Then I tried 
rpm -U and it errored out saying a newer 
version is loaded :-(

    Then my computer said there was one update so I started it and the 
Update was to put an earlier version of gnome-volume-manager on my 
computer. So I said fine! I let the thing be updated. Guess what? The 
Update failed :-\

    So I decided to just remove version 2.16.1 from my computer and used 
rpm -e --nodeps gnome-volume-manager and it took a long time, like 5 
minutes. But it finished and as expected the bad 2.16.1 is STILL there.

    I give up. Thanks for the Update but it didn't work.


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