tons of spam

jdow jdow at
Tue Jun 19 18:55:51 UTC 2007

From: "Arthur Pemberton" <pemboa at>

> On 6/17/07, George <gasjr4wd at> wrote:
>> wow guys,
>> I've been signed up for this list for about a week and I've noticed a
>> ton of spam coming in now. I guess I should have used a different
>> address than my main one... I could stand the traffic, (and this is a
>> high traffic list!) but all the spam, no way.
> Have you googled your email address? The only hit related to fedora is
> this thread, but your email address is already in search engines.

I'll say his address is on Google in spades. He has an E-Bay account,
or somebody does with that username. I got 61 hits on Google.


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