Print odd-even pages

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Tue Jun 19 19:24:15 UTC 2007

Chu Jeang Tan wrote:
> Anyway to print odd/even pages only in apps such as evince and epiphany?
> Is this a feature of the application, CUPS or the underlying CUPS driver?

It's a feature of the app.
What I do is use an option to "Print To File", and then use a post
processor. I like mpage...

$ cat twoside-1
mpage -1 -m40lrtb -r -j 1%2 $1 | lpr -P $2

$ cat twoside-2
mpage -1 -m40lrtb -j 2%2 $1 | lpr -P $2

For two up printing I use these

$ cat twoup-1
mpage -2 -m40lrtb -r -j 1%2 $1 | lpr -P $2

$ cat twoup-2
mpage -2 -m40lrtb -j 2%2 $1 | lpr -P $2

For four up printing I use these

$ cat fourup-1
mpage -4 -m40lrtb -r -j 1%2 $1 | lpr

$ cat fourup-2
mpage -4 -m40lrtb -j 2%2 $1 | lpr

I don't use a printer destination with the fourup-* scripts,
as I always use 600dpi for that fine print. With the others
I often use 300dpi, which is not the way I have my default
queue set up.

I'm afraid it's switches are all very obscure, but the docu
is fairly easy to read and more or less comprehensive.


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