Brief diary of an F-7 installation

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Tue Jun 19 19:34:05 UTC 2007

Timothy Murphy wrote:

> I don't think that's true at all.
> In my view the difference between KDE and Gnome
> is far more visible than the difference between different distributions.
> I cannot tell if one machine of mine is using Fedora + KDE or Kubuntu
> (both are installed) unless I look very carefully.
> I can see at once if the machine is running Gnome or KDE.

Try talking to non technical end users.

> Why?
> I don't mind being given simple choices,
> particularly if one is Recommended.

There is lot of choices offered. Just click "customize now"

> Even car salesmen give you a choice of colour.
> Bill Gates gives me more choices than Anaconda.

Bill gates?

> I did in fact download the KDE Live Image,
> but it wasn't at all clear to me what it would do
> if I chose "Install on hard disk".
> Would it delete my /home partition?

It uses Anaconda just like the regular installation.

> I'm pretty sure the people who could offer a radio button choice
> between Gnome and KDE

Non technical users wouldn't care about desktop environments and it 
would be difficult if not impossible to explain it within the installer 
why you should pick GNOME or KDE. Radio button choices

* FooBar
* LittleMoon

means nothing to them. Technical users can always click customize now or 
use kickstart.


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