How can it be?

Chris Jones jonesc at
Tue Jun 19 21:08:52 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 7:38:21 pm Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Chris Jones wrote:
> > It doesn't change the fact that most people have no problems with Fedora
> > at all.
> I think that is very improbable.
> I imagine that a large proportion (like 90%) of Fedora users
> will try either viewing DVDs or running Skype,
> and in either case they are almost certain to meet problems.

For skype, I think you wildly over estimate the number of users it has. 

If you look here

you will see there are currently at least (at minimum, since many will choose 
to not talk to smolt) 35000 F7 boxes (and rising) and about 10k FC6 boxes in 
its various forms. Are you seriously saying 90% of those want skype ?? I 
think not.

For DVDs I guess we disagree on what is a problem. If you consider it a 
problem to understand the philosophy of Fedora which is to NOT include 
non-free stuff, then yes, you cannot expect to just plug in a DVD and view 
it. Or to try and listen to an MP3.

If, like me, you choose Fedora understanding its limitations, and the fact 
that you have to add by hand one of the well know repos to add back the 
functionality not included by a default fedora install (cough livna cough). 
Then you have no problems at all. 


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